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We had hold Food Entrepreneurs from concept ideation to complete industrial implementation and go to market strategies for their product to reach their consumers through helping them create a viable, profitable and lovable food products

Kind of clients who love our work are the ones who are truly committed in creating & launching viable & profitable food products in the market and don’t want to leave any stones unturned, when it comes to a scientific & specialist approach in concept validation, Industry Implementation & Brand reach


Our mission is to develop healthy, tasty, convenient & safe foods to reach 1 crore consumers every month


Ensuring the right solution for your food business need!

As leading food industrial consultants, our technical, management and design consultants, guide, inform and advice on varied product strategies and operational management. We ensure in providing our valuable clients with comprehensive domain options & the implementation of right solutions.







Food Buddies marked a remarkable experience on wide range of domains in food industry. Our team hails higher knowledge in different sectors of food industry like Bakery and Confectionery Technology, Nutraceutical products, Fruits and Vegetables Technology, Nuts and Spices Technology, Food Retail, Cereals and Pulses Technology, Meat and Poultry Technology, Beverages Technology, Millets Technology, Dairy Technology, Organics and Mushroom. We owe a greater responsibility in developing products, industrially implementing it and creating an excellent “go to market strategy” for all domain based products.


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Gold Fogg

“Energy drinks have always had a sassy approach with respect to their Brand Logo and packaging designs. We, at Gold Fogg, had to achieve the same with a twist. Food Buddies, made sure our Brand is both sassy and classy. We have been extremely satisfied and delighted on the ideas put across by the Food Buddies team and they have been a major part of our success story”.


“We thank Food Buddies for playing a major role in development of our premium value added products with Quinoa. They have an exceptional team, delivering the best for their customers”.

Cario Chips

“Food Buddies has been instrumental to the success of Cario chips. The team has assisted us with excellent packaging designs. It was a pleasure working with Food Buddies on the branding identity creation”.

Golden Milk

“We are extremely happy with the product formulations for Golden Milk by Food Buddies. They formulated an array of varied products and were presented tastefully by their team of New Product Development experts”.

Diet Meat

“Branding by Food Buddies, has elevated our product to new levels of relevance and sophistication. Food Buddies possess an amazing ability to be in sync with the natural products in the marketplace”.


“Product Development and Branding by Food Buddies, has helped us develop immense confidence in venturing into the food industry. They were instrumental in developing and branding of our premium exotic drinks”.


“Being the leading supermarket chain in Chennai for 18years and loyally sticking to an 18 year brand design, we needed a brand make-over. And who better to approach other than Food Buddies who understood our specific design requirements and proved that their designs have an edge over the other market brands”.