Knowledge is food but creation is life. Today’s growing technology facilitates the process of creating food simpler, but on the same note, handling and maintenance of technology are vital and tedious task.

The brainchild of Food Buddies, Ms. Shumitha, hails from a family of entrepreneurs and was destined to be one too. The Food industry in India is in need of a helping hand and also is in need for mentoring existing and budding food industry tycoons. Therefore, with Ms. Shumitha’s expertise in the industry, she ventured into being a food consultant. Sheer Hard work and an ever – expanding industry indicated that it was time for her to expand her team leading to the birth of Food Buddies.

Over the years, we have grown to a team of eight and ever expanding to meet the growth of our organization. Our expertized team of food technologists are positively inclined in becoming the leaders of the food consulting landscape and thought leaders across India

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