An established and passionate food consultant, Shumitha holds a B.Tech degree in Food Processing Technology. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Shumitha chose the path of food consulting 9 years ago. An expert in concept building, her expertise plays a pivotal role in product commercialization and business coaching. Food Buddies is her brainchild and her only mission is to create a sea of successful food millionaires across the country.
Shumitha P
Founder & CEO

Rajiv Talreja
Business Coach

HR Coach

Project coach

Hi, I am Rakesh Kumar. I have more than 8 years of experience in the Food Industry Sector and have worked with various global brands. Guiding a fabulous team to deliver your project with a flawless execution in order to achieve your project  vision is my  goal.


Let us discuss your Food Project!
Mr. Rakesh Kumar
Food Project Manager

I am here to add value to your thoughts and ideas. Efficient planning and effective management is my at most priority to help you reach your dreams!


Happy to work with you!!
Mr. Manuael Tim
Food Project Manager

Hi, this is Arunkumar, well known as Food Formulation expert with good experience in different food segments. As I have good experience in handling multiple projects, I am half way through formulating your product with easy.

Let us formulate your food product!!
Mr. Arunkumar
Food Formulation Expert

Hi, I am Prasanth, Electrical Engineer by academics and Food technologist by profession by holding a strong experience of 8 years in the food industry. Renowned Six sigma yellow and green belt holder. I am here as a food production consultant with  key skills in operation of machines, planning and food production management.


Let me know how can I support you Technically!!
Mr. Prasanth
Food Production Consultant


Being a patent holder & passionate food technologist with experience in Food Product development & Entrepreneurship,I am here to add values & uniqueness to your Food Products with the spirit of Innovation. Come,let’s innovate your food product & make your business success!!


Come, Let’s Innovate your Food Product & make your Business Success!!
Ms. Darshani M
Food Formulation Consultant


With immense hands on experirence of 5 years in Grinding & Frying processes in food industry, I’m here to analyse the difficulties in production line & come out with new ideas to streamline the production and also to scale up your formulation with consistent quality.


Ready to execute your ideas!
Mr. Jebin
Food Production Specialist


Hi, I am Satish, a Food Technologist with 7 years of experience in the well-known food industries like Pepsico, Coca Cola & Raw Pressery. Well versed with Operational Excellence, Quality Assurance & Production. I’m here to handle your Project in any challenging situation.


Let us execute your project with cool mindset!
Mr. Satish Sangare
Food Production Specialist


Being a Food Technologist with 5+ years of experience in NPD,I am so proud to crack / decode / reverse engineer the food product to create world class food product with top notch sensory @ low cost. I’m here to shine your innovative ideas. Let’s join to interact with food & make your ideas into reality.


Let’s join to interact with food & make your ideas into reality.
Ms. Monika T
Food Formulation Specialist

This is Priya here ,a passionate food technologist from Anna University. Join me to make a lovable Product that is successful in the  Market !


Let’s rock together !!
Ms. Padma Priya
Food Formulation Expert

Formulation not only creates a product but a brand itself. Being a Food Formulation Engineer am here to design and develop your product with greater quality and value.


Let’s add Value to your Food Product!!
Ms. Manimekalai
Food Formulation Engineer

Hey there !!! From your dream product being carefully formulated and brought to life in the Lab, I will make sure that design is carefully taken and reciprocated in the industry with utmost food safety measures and will make sure it brings a success in the market.


Happy to hear from you!!
Mr. Jonathan George
Food Production Engineer

Procuring the right product is a profound pleasure. I’m here to get you the best quality product by negotiating at the best deal which is intrinsic to the organization’s profitability and productivity 


Tell me what you need and I shall get you the best of all.
Ms. Fern Sara
Quality & Procurement Executive

Accounts is the backbone of any Business. Introducing Myself as a Finance Graduate with hands-on experience of 9 years in  managing it precisely excelling in Tally ERP and I am here to support you on the financial detailing of your Food Business.


Looking forward to hear from you!!
Mr. Vigneshwaran
Finance Manager

Employee Happiness is the driving force of an organization. My core strength is to support & provide an enthusiastic work environment with Joy & Harmony. I have an immense experience of 9 Years in this fantabulous field.


Let’s handshake soon to Join Food Buddies Family!!
Mr. Imran Farith
Assistant HR Manager

Operations is the Blood of any organization. Being a Food Technologist, with immense interest in Management, here I am to implement the right processes and practices across all departments thereby enhancing the seamless project delivery, client happiness & organization’s efficiency. ess.


Happy to be a part of your business journey and bringing a smile through our seamless service experience.
Ms. Monika
Operations Catalyst

Amit Sharma

So glad to see you here I have more than 16 years experience in Milling, I am so blessed to understand the Need of client in depth to provide handy solution for implementation.


Let me know how can I support you?
Mr. Amit Sharma
Food Business Consultant

Hi, I’m Navveen, Masters in Food Technology & 6 years experience in Food Industry I’m here to understand your needs & enrich you with technical knowledge on the current & upcoming market trends. Well-versed with all aspects of project development & management.


Let’s get connected to discuss your Food Business!!
Mr.Navveen Raj
Food Business Consultant

Hi, I am Angitha L. Kumar, a Food Technology Graduate with immense interest in Marketing. I chose this job to support entrepreneurs thereby understanding their needs patiently and ensure to connect them with the Right Food Consultants.


 Happy to hear from you!!
 Ms. Angitha
 Business Analyst

I am the first person to say Hello and address you with the language of Food Buddies. I choose to get into Marketing to support Food Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.


Waiting to hear from you!!
Ms. Sumayya
Technical Analyst

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