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Ahmedabad-the developed city of Gujarat is totally dependent on agriculture and tertiary industries. The major crops grown here are rice, wheat, jowar, millets and groundnut. It is the most industrialized district in the Gujarat State. The district accounts for 21.5 % of total factories generating employment of 18 % of the total employment generation in the Gujarat and over 60 % of the total industrial production are contributed to the state. Food Processing Industries including Cold Storage and Dehydration Plants, production facilities about fruit pulp and pickles are one of the most immerging sub sectors in the state.

According to the department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers’ Welfare, the production of sugarcane was the highest in the year 2015 followed by wheat, rice, cereals, oilseeds and pulses. Wheat, Rice, Cotton are the major crops in Ahmedabad district.

Major strength of Ahmadabad lies in the following:

Milk processing industry: Being the central city of white revolution, Ahmadabad produces tonnes of milk each year, and it serves as an expedient choice for entrepreneurs.

Oil processing industry: Being a major producer of oilseed processing, Ahmedabad serves as a lucrative base for paddy processing industries.

Cereal Processing Industry: Ahmedabad is a major producer of wheat in the state and is definitely suitable for establishment of pasta, cereal, baked products manufacturing units.

Why Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad district is having a well-developed infrastructure which is conductive for the three dimensional growth of Industries, Service sector and agriculture. The district has a better literacy rate. Ahmadabad City is well connected by rail, road and air transport systems with rest of the country and other parts of the State. Overall, the infrastructure, communication facilities are boosting the business opportunities in Ahmedabad.

Principal resources:

  1. Human Resources
  2. Infrastructure facilities
  3. Agricultural Production & Marketing
  4. Material Resources


Gujarat needs to formulate a suitable strategy to unlock the significant growth potential of the dairy sector. This requires productivity enhancement, strengthening and expansion of village-level infrastructure for milk procure.

Gujarat government is working on to overcome the challenges and increase the industrial production by taking steps like- establishment of industrial parks, subsidy in processing sector, utilization of wind mill and solar mills for sustainable energy. These steps are certainly leading to an economically strong Gujarat.


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