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Food Consultants in Anantapur


Anantapur, also known as the Groundnut City, is the largest district in the terms of area in Andhra Pradesh and the 7th largest district in India. Prominent crops grown in the district include groundnut, sunflower, rice, maize, chillies, sesame, and sugarcane. When it comes to Horticulture Banana and Papaya are heavily cultivated.


A major strength of Anantapur lies in the following:

  • Fruit Processing Industry:  Due to its large production of fruits such as papaya, banana and sweet orange, Anantapur proves to be an ideal destination for fruit processing industry. This would lead to the manufacturing of value-added products such juice concentrates, banana chips, banana puree, banana flour, papaya peel, etc.
  • Wine Industry: With banana being a prominent fruit grown in the district, Anantapur is a latent location for the banana wine industry.
  • Vegetable Processing Industry: Being a major producer of okra and tomato worth processing, Anantapur serves as a lucrative base for okra and tomato processing industries.
  • Paddy Processing Industry: Anantapur is a major producer of paddy in the state and is definitely suitable for establishment of paddy processing industry.
  • Pulses Processing Industry: There are various pulses processing industries located in the district.
    Meat Processing Industry: Anantapur is also home to meat processing industries due to large livestock farming in the district.



The district has one food park, various pulses, groundnut and meat processing industries and an airport. Megha Solar Plant, one of the seven solar thermal plants in the country, was commissioned in Anantapur. It has a well-established network of roads and railways. Anantapur city is 354 km from Hyderabad, 200 km from the neighboring state capital of Bangalore. Anantapur connects Hyderabad and Bangalore through National Highway 7. Bangalore International Airport is nearest commercial airport to Anantapur District.



Initiatives are undertaken by Government

To make the environment conducive for food industries, the government of Andhra Pradesh has announced new Food Processing Policy in the state. The policy includes incentives such as single desk clearance, capital subsidy for setting up primary processing clusters and primary collection centers, interest subsidy of 7% on term loan, 100% reimbursement of stamp duty and transfer duty, etc.


Potential Projects for Investment


Project NameProcessable ProductsValue Proposition
Vegetable Processing Plant Vegetable such as tomato, okra Manufacturing of Frozen Concentrated Tomato juice, tomato puree, etc
Cold Storage Units Providing facility to manufacturers and farmers to maintain the shelf life of their products
Fruit Processing IndustryFruits such as banana, papaya, sweet orange Manufacturing of value added products such as banana chips, banana vinegar, banana flour, etc
Banana Wine Manufacturing Units BananaManufacturing of banana wine

With strong base for raw agricultural material, industry-friendly incentives announced by the state government and a strong network for means of transportation, market of Anantapur shows great potential for innovative and processed food products.

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