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Karnataka has over 64% of its total geographical area under agriculture cultivation, Largest spices, aromatic, medicinal crops, tropical fruits producing state, second-largest milk producing state, third and fourth largest producer of sugar and sugarcane, respectively. Strong input base in agriculture & allied activities contributed 17% to GSDP in FY09.

Food Consultant in Bangalore

Scopes in Bangalore For Food Industry

Karnataka accounts for 71% of coffee, 8.4% of total fruits and 6.2% of total vegetables produced in the country. Major producer for Maize, Coarse Cereals, Sugarcane, Pulses and Sunflower in the country which has got diversified culture to for more convenience foods and on the go foods as well as high picking trend of organic foods.

Effective Foods in Bangalore, Karnataka

Coffee and Cocoa in Bangalore

Coffee and Cocoa

Karnataka is the largest producer of coffee and cocoa in the country with total produce of 251520 MT. Southern Indian market can be covered easily.

Fruits and vegetables

The State of Karnataka is with rich bio-diversity, it is the only State where most varieties of fruits are available. As every body knows more than 50Cr fruits and vegetables are wasted in India every year due to lack of processing.  Potential for Fruit Pulping & Processing is very high.

Fruits and Vegetables in Bangalore
Food Grains in Bangalore

Food Grains

Maize, Jowar, Oil Crops : Groundnut, Sun flower. This facilitates Cereal Processing, Oil seed extraction. Small insight on corns
1. Corn seed – Rs.120/kg
2. Processed and packaged seed – Rs.100/100g
3. Packed popcorns – Rs.300 / 100g

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