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Food Consultants in Dindigul

Primarily an agro-based town of Tamil Nadu, Dindigul is a land where 70% of the total population is dependent on agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. There are more than 100 food industrial units functioning in the district. Fruits and oleoresins are the main exportable commodities from Dindigul.


Key Strengths

Paddy processing: Processing of paddy in rice mills is a flourishing business in Dindigul. There are 165 rice mills in and around Dindigul district.

Fruits and vegetable processing: The growth of horticultural crops is booming at a rate of 11% per annum. Tomato, grapes, onion, beans, banana are major horticultural crops cultivated in the region. The increasing demand is creating a lot of opportunities in this sector.

Spice processing: Cardamom, pepper, garlic are some of the major spice found in hilly regions of Dindigul. These spices have market throughout the year and all over the world. Therefore, investments made in a spice processing plant will be a profitable venture.

Oilseed processing: Around 50, 680 MT of oilseeds are produced in Dindigul district and the city is the major market for groundnuts. Oilseed processing serves as a promising business.



Why Dindigul?

  • The agro-climatic conditions varying from semi-arid to subtropical support the growth of varied agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • It serves as a major market center for different fruits, vegetables, spices and plantation crops.
  • The district is eyed as a future food processing hub.


Initiatives by the government

The Tamil Nadu government is all set to establish a Mega Food Processing Park in Dindigul. This will create huge opportunities for entrepreneurs for setting up food processing units in fruits and vegetables, cereals, fisheries, dairy, and poultry. The initiative will also bring in substantial employment in rural areas.


Potential for new MSMEs


Project nameProcess-able products/ infrastructureValue proposition
Dairy processingButter Butter is manufactured using cream separators in the nearby villages of the district and even exported
Potato processingPotato chips, potato starchThe demand of potato products is on the rise due to rapid urbanization
Grape processingGrape juice, jamNilakkottai region is known for its grapes. Panner grapes a special type of grapes is only native to Dindigul.
Cold storageRobust infrastructure creation
Mango processing Mango pulp extraction40% of world mango production is from India and is also the major exporter of mango pulp

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