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Food Consultants in Goa

Located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Goa is a place where agriculture is one of the most important economic activities. The staple diet for people of Goa is Rice & Fish, thereby rice is the principle crop cultivated. Besides paddy, major crops grown are pulses and minor millets like jowar, bajra and ragi. Pineapples, Jackfruit, mango, areca nut, coconut are some of the cash crops that are cultivated in this coastal region. The most important plantation crop grown is Cashew.


Key Food Processing sectors

  • Seafood processing: Goa is rich in fishery resources like mackerels, sardines, prawns, crabs and squids. With over 1, 07069 tonnes of fish production, Goa offers profitable food business to entrepreneurs.
  • Cashew processing: In Goa, Cashew occupies largest area among horticultural crops, covering about 55302 hectares with an annual production of 27070 tonnes. Entrepreneurs can earn huge profits because of the high demand of Cashew nut.
  • Fruit processing: Major fruits grown in Goa are Mango, guava, banana, pineapple etc. This provides scope for set up of pulping and juice industries.
  • Cereal processing: Being a land that predominantly grows rice, a paddy processing plant can be a successful venture.


The climatic conditions in Goa are favorable for the growth of various crops throughout the year. Being a tourist destination spot, there is a huge market to tap on. Investors in Goa can enjoy a lucrative food business as the state is well-connected with major trading centers in India and has a well-planned transportation system in place.

State Government Initiatives

The government of Goa has introduced ‘State Mission for Food Processing Scheme (SMFP) 2016′ with an aim to improve the processing capacity, reduce wastage, increase exports and enhance the income of farmers. The scheme provides financial support of up to Rs. 30 lakhs to food processing units. The scheme also promotes the generation of sustainable employment opportunities.

Potential for New MSME in Goa

Project name Process-able  products Value proposition
Coconut processing Coconut jelly, coconut chips, desiccated coconut Coconut is a major cash crop in Goa
Mango processing Mango pulp, pickle, powder 75% market share of unpackaged juices is under unorganized sectors. This is a lucrative option for new entrepreneurs
Dairy processing/units Cheese, milk, butter, milk sweets By 2020 Indian dairy industry is going to double

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