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Food Consultants in Guntur

Often referred to as the Land of Chilies, Guntur is a major center for agriculture, education and learning. It exports large quantities of chilies and tobacco. The major products contributing to the GVA of the district from agriculture and allied services are paddy, cotton kapas, chilies, banana, milk, meat and fisheries.


A major strength of Guntur lies in the following:

  • Spice Processing Industry: Guntur proves to be an ideal destination for spice processing industry. With large quantities of turmeric and chilies produced, it serves as an expedient choice for entrepreneurs.
  • Milk and Eggs Processing Industry: With livestock farming being a common practice in the district, Guntur is a latent location for milk and eggs processing industries.
  • Paddy Processing Industry: Being a major producer of paddy worth processing, Guntur serves as a lucrative base for paddy processing industries.
  • Cereal Processing Industry: Guntur is a major producer of sorghum in the state and is definitely suitable for establishment of cereal processing industry.
  • Tomato processing industry: Establishment of tomato processing industry in the district would help the manufacturing industry to reduce procurement cost and time.


Why Guntur?

The district has various spice processing industries, paddy processing industries, a cold store, an airport, Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University equipped with a Regional Agricultural Research Station, and a well-connected network of roads and railways. The total of core road network of the district is 1,274.632 km (792.020 mi). There exists 406 km (252 mi) of the rail network in the district. It has a coastline of approximately 100 km and is situated on the right bank of Krishna River, that separates it from Krishna district and extends till it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It is the 2nd most populous district in the state.


Initiatives are undertaken by Government

To provide a fillip to the food sector, the government of Andhra Pradesh has announced new Food Processing Policy in the state. The government accords the highest priority to build industry-friendly environment. The policy includes single desk clearance, capital subsidy for setting up primary processing clusters and primary collection centers, interest subsidy of 7% on the term loan, 100% reimbursement of stamp duty and transfer duty, etc. Under fiscal incentives, the government provides reimbursement of power consumption charges for 5 years, and reimbursement of GST (for 5 years), 100% stamp duty, transfer duty and Non- Agriculture Land Assessment ( NALA) Tax.


Potential Projects for Investment


Project NameProcessable ProductsValue Proposition
Vegetable Processing Plant Vegetable such as tomato, okra Manufacturing of Frozen Concentrated Tomato juice, tomato puree, etc
Cold Storage Units Providing facility to manufacturers and farmers to maintain the shelf life of their products
Medical herbs extraction plantSpices and herbs Extracting essences and flavour from aromatic spices and herbs
Whey and Casein Manufacturing UnitsMilk Extracting whey and casein protein from milk to manufacture protein concentrates, hydrolysates and isolates

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