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Food Consultants in Hyderabad

Food Processing Industry is gaining prominence by the day and is a crucial part of the Indian Economy, growing at an annual growth rate of 17%. The beautiful city of Hyderabad, popularly known as the Pearl- city of India provides the right platform for individuals to kick-start their journey for a flourishing food business. Food industry in Hyderabad region presents a promising picture. Here is what you need to know to start your own food business in this happening region.

Availability of Resources

Hyderabad is home to a diverse collection of natural resources. The city has a rich supply of water drawn from the two main rivers i.e. Krishna and Godavari to meet the regular demands for agricultural, industrial and domestic activities. The climatic and soil conditions are favorable for a number of crops. Rice is the major food crop here. Approximately 66.22 Lakh MT of Rice is produced annually in the state, covering close to 3 Lakh hectares of land. Other popularly cultivated crops in and around Hyderabad during the Kharif season include Maize, Castor, Red gram, Green gram, Sesame etc., which occupy a total land of 5.98 Lakh hectares. Rabi season witnesses cultivation of Maize, Bengal gram, Safflower, Sunflower, Groundnut etc., occupying up to 1.902 Lakh hectares. Hyderabad also boasts of rich flora and fauna.

Major Processing Clusters in the state

Processing clusters

Source: MOFPI


Scope of food business

The small, medium and large scale industries are flourishing in Hyderabad region. The food industries established in and around Hyderabad manufacture and supply a gamut of food products ranging from bakery & confectionary items, dry fruits, chocolates, pickles to dairy products. Greater emphasis is now being given to agro-food processing industries leading to their growth and development. Demand for organic food products has been steadily rising in the city over the years. Approximately 50-60% people of Hyderabad spend on organic food products. Mega food parks like Raaga Mayuri Agrovet Pvt. Ltd, Smart Agro Mega Food Park Pvt. Ltd have been set up 150 km from Hyderabad, creating massive opportunities for entrepreneurship and employment in food industry.

State Policy: A food processing policy is launched in Telangana to attract Rs.20, 000 crore investment in the sector over the next five years. The aim is to be number one in milk production and livestock.

Potential investable projects in the state

Potential investable projects in the state

Source: MOFPI


Current challenges

Despite being one of the fastest growing industries, agro-food processing poses a lot of challenges to the farmers as well as the citizens of Hyderabad region. Organic food products cost 15-35% more than non organic food products due to lack of organized production and non uniform distribution of supply. High storage costs force farmers to depend on government for a sustainable resource system. In addition, lack of an effective supply chain is also a cause of concern particularly for organic produce as they cannot be stored in regular warehouses that use chemicals to prevent stored product pests and diseases. While there are a few certified agencies to monitor the process of production of organic food products, there is no authority that keeps a check on the quality of end products.

Food and beverage industry

Hyderabad is considered to be a major economic hub of India. Food industries, organic and poultry farming industries are among those that contribute towards revenue generation. Food industries have started to establish their infrastructure in the city promoting better employment opportunities and investment options. Some of the major food industries in Hyderabad include Priya Foods, Rex Food Products, Vedma Food Processing Industries, and Sri Srinivasa Dairy Products Pvt.Ltd. etc.

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