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Food Consultants in Jharkhand

Jharkhand has attracted over Rs.880 Crore investment in the food processing sector since the state government formulated a policy for the industry. Jharkhand has diverse agro climatic conditions suitable for the cultivation of a wide range of agricultural and horticultural crops. It has a progressive farming community who are involved in organic farming, horticulture and floriculture.

Scopes in Jharkhand For Food Industry

Jharkhand is the second-largest producer of litchi in the country and also cauliflower, lady’s fingers and peas are grown almost round the year. Jharkhand has high potential for processing of vegetable crops as the State is the second largest producer of Peas. Jharkhand is the only state in the country where Cauliflower is produced throughout the year and it is exported throughout the country.


We had hold Food Entrepreneurs from concept ideation to complete industrial implementation and go to market strategies for their product to reach their consumers through helping them create a viable, profitable and lovable food products

Kind of clients who love our work are the ones who are truly committed in creating & launching viable & profitable food products in the market and don’t want to leave any stones unturned, when it comes to a scientific & specialist approach in concept validation, Industry Implementation & Brand reach


Our mission is to develop healthy, tasty, convenient & safe foods to reach 1 crore consumers every month


Ensuring the right solution for your food business need!

As leading food industrial consultants, our technical, management and design consultants, guide, inform and advice on varied product strategies and operational management. We ensure in providing our valuable clients with comprehensive domain options & the implementation of right solutions.


Food Product Develpment
Food Legal
Food Industry Implementation
Techno-Economic Feasibility
Food Branding and Marketing
External R & D

Effective Foods in Jharkhand

Vegatables in Jharkhand

Being ideally located in eastern India, Jharkhand caters food products to 1/3rd of the Country’s population. The State has 18 lakh tonnes of surplus vegetables. Due to lack in storage systems there are huge lose during post-harvest period. Cold chain and storage has a big hand over the food industry

Jharkhand presents an untapped potential in the sectors of Horticulture, Fisheries, Meat & Meat Products, Dairy, Minor Forest Produce, and Organic Produce & Spices. Speciality product of nutraceuticals and herbaceuticals is having high demand

organic products in Jharkhand
Dairy Products in Jharkhand

The State has large potential for Dairy Development as the State is short of 50% milk production and there is ready market for consumption of milk. Currently, the milk production is very low, hence requirement is being fulfilled from the neighboring state of Bihar and Orissa.


Food Buddies marked a remarkable experience on wide range of domains in food industry. Our team hails higher knowledge in different sectors of food industry like Bakery and Confectionery Technology, Nutraceutical products, Fruits and Vegetables Technology, Nuts and Spices Technology, Food Retail, Cereals and Pulses Technology, Meat and Poultry Technology, Beverages Technology, Millets Technology, Dairy Technology, Organics and Mushroom. We owe a greater responsibility in developing products, industrially implementing it and creating an excellent “go to market strategy” for all domain based products.


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