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Food Consultants in Kanyakumari

The southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, Kanyakumari is mainly an agricultural district. There are 285 agro-based units in the district that provide employment to 6, 402 people. Cashew nut, coconut products, banana are major exportable items from the district.


Major Food processing Strength

Cereal & pulse processing: Paddy kar, Paddy samba, Black gram, Horse gram are major food grains cultivated in the district. Developing and processing cereal & pulse based value-added products is a profitable option.

Fats & Oils processing: The demand for groundnut oil & coconut oil is growing. Kanyakumari being the main producer of groundnut and coconut serves as a good base for their processing.

Fruits processing: Banana, Jackfruit, mango, lime, pomegranate are some of the fruits grown in the district. Entrepreneurs can set up their food processing units to manufacture canned fruits, juices etc

Fish processing: The district is home to sardines, mackerel, prawns, perches etc. The shifting trend towards healthy living has raised the need of fish oils & fish products and thus serves as a flourishing market.

Spice processing: Several spices like nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, pepper, turmeric etc are cultivated and produced in the district. Therefore, spices provide a huge scope for its processing.


Why Kanyakumari

  • The district has plenty of resources with respect to agriculture, minerals, forests, sea and human skill.
  • The presence of rich soil and favorable climatic conditions enables round the year supply of agricultural as well as horticultural crops.



The state government has allocated a sum of Rs. 125 crore to lend loan with a subsidy for the set up of micro & small scale industries. This aim of this initiative is to encourage youth with entrepreneurship skills to set up industries in agriculture and allied industries, food processing, engineering etc



Potential for new MSMEs


Project nameProcess-able productsValue proposition
Coconut processingCoconut shell powder, desiccated coconut 272.5 (‘000) coconuts are produced in the district. The export potential of coconut products from the district is high
Jack fruit processingCanned jack fruit, jamNew entrants have good scope as the market for jack fruit products is growing
Banana processingBanana powderBanana is the major fruit grown in kanyakumari. Value-added banana foods are increasing
Cashew nut processingSalted cashew nuts, paste23% of the cashew nut market is from India. Kanyakumari is a major producer and exporter of cashews



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