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Food Consultants in Kolkata

Kolkata- the city of joy and the principal commercial, cultural, and educational center of East India, The state West Bengal with a decent amount of rainfall, has a huge agricultural and horticultural base as compared to the entire nation. The states’ favorable agro-climatic zones have made it one of the leading producers of numerous food products in India.

Kolkata is home to many industrial units operated by large public- and private-sector corporations; major sectors include steel, pharmaceuticals, food processing, and agriculture. Companies such as ITC LimitedBritannia Industries are all headquartered in the city.


Advantages of the Food Processing Sector in West Bengal:

  • Huge availability of raw materials – vegetables and fruits, flowers, rice etc.
  • Strong natural advantage….fertile soil, water, six agro-climatic zones.
  • Competitively priced skilled labor. Plots are available in three Food Parks at attractive rates (more Food Parks may come up)
  • Abundant availability of power. The industry is a low pollutant generator.
  • Well-developed Rail & Road Network/close to port and airport.
  • Growing market for processed products including vegetables, meat, poultry, and consumer (ready to eat) foods.
  • The industry has high “multiplier” effect, giving rise to many indirect jobs as compared to direct jobs. Tax benefits include provisions in Income Tax, Service Tax, Customs Duty, and Central Excise Duty.


Potential Areas for Investment :


CropsProducts derived
BananaStarch, Chips, Powder
Cauliflower, Cabbage, CarrotFresh cut, Frozen and assorted products
Fruits Juice, candy, Powder
MaizeStarch, Grit, Powder
MangoPickle, Aam Papad, Chutney, Candy, dried mango powder etc
Raw MilkButter, creme, ghee, Cottage Cheese, flavoured milk,spreads, milk powder, icecream, Curd, buttermilk
TomatoPuree, Juice, concentrate, ketchup, sauce etc.


Potential Projects in Kolkata are –


  • Vermicelli / Noodles/Rice noodles with different nutraceuticals/ favors /extract of fruit juice
  • Neutraceuticals dosa / idli mix etc.
  • Watermelon juice processing and packaging unit
  • High-end cashew processing and packaging unit
  • Banana products: Banana flour/pickle/fruit bar/ banana baby food etc.
  • Onion paste manufacturing unit
  • Bread, cakes etc. enriched with lycopene, anthocyanin, carotenoids
  • Anthocyanin enriched/betel vine flavored candy
  • Biscuits enriched with fiber etc. Betel vine drinks Osmo-dried papaya, mango, pineapple etc.


Food processing industries available in West Bengal:


Coconut products: Coco-sip, Coco Cream/Milk, desiccated coconut Mango, Litchi, and Makhana Processing unit Fish processing unit (Frozen & ready to cook)

Lacto fermented vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower etc. Large modern abattoir under private sector Fruits grading, storing and processing unit RTS beverages of watermelon, guava, banana, vegetables

Potato: Proposed manufacturing units for Value-added products such as Potato Powder‐ Large-scale units; Potato flour which has a good market in parts of India and abroad too‐ Large Scale units. Potato-based snacks‐ Small scale units & SME

Onion: Proposed one Manufacturing units for Value-added products such as dehydrated onion powder‐ Medium scale units; Onion paste‐ Medium scale units

Groundnut: Proposed two manufacturing units for Groundnut which is very rich in protein and also called “poor man’s nut” attracts processing units for various value-added products such as Groundnut bars, Groundnut isolates, Groundnut based yogurt, Groundnut butter, Groundnut cheese, Tofu etc. will attract high investments in the state.

Sesame: Proposed two manufacturing units for a Value-added product such as Sesame oil; Sesame paste (Tahini)

Chilling plant‐ Existing 7 BMC in various blocks with a total capacity of 14 TLPD.  To meet the requirement of fresh Milk 3‐4 Chilling plants to be installed Sweet Water Fish processing Unit: (Specially Genetically Improved Farmed Tilapia) – One processing unit. Primarily popular for fish fillet which has a good market share and has ready investors.


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