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Food Consultants in Madhya Pradesh

India’s food processing sector has the potential to attract USD 33 billion in investments by 2024. Madhya Pradesh plays an important role in agrisector (including Animal husbandry) forms 20.53% of GSDP. It is ranked no 1 in the production of oilseeds, pulses, aromatic and medicinal horticulture, no.1 in production of sesame and pea and and ranked no. 3 in production of citrus fruits and cereals and also among top 5 states in milk production.


There are 6 food parks with the common facilities like- cold Storages / modified atmosphere cold storages ,warehousing facilities, milk chilling plants in Madhya Pradesh at:-

  1. Jaggakhedi
  2. Nimrani
  3. Babai
  4. Borgaon
  5. Malanpur-Ghirongi
  6. Maneri

Apart from these food parks there are 5 agri-export Zones, and 45 Industrial Areas in Madhya Pradesh.

Initiatives taken by the government:

To encourage the agri production and industrial establishments in Odisha the government is now planning some excellent policies especially for the food processing industires, such as-

  • Electricity incentives for MSME and large scale units
  • Reimbursement on obtaining quality certification-50 per cent of the fee subject to an upper limit of INR 5 lacs; Reimbursement for promotion of R&D, INR 5 lac/ patent reimbursement
  • Entry tax exemption to MSMEs – 5 years for investments up to INR 5 billion and 7 years for investments of over INR 5 billion

To achieve the set targets, the Government has launched various new initiatives and Agricultural schemes such as:-

  • National Food Security Mission (NFSM) ü
  • Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY)
  • Macro Management in Agriculture (MMA)
  • Integrated Scheme on Oilseeds, Pulses, OilPalm and Maize (ISOPOM)

Being a agro base state the probable food processing oppurtunities in MP are-

Cereal processing industries: Products like dairy feed, cornflakes, starch, packaged atta, maida, durum porridge (Dalia), Suji, Pasta can be manufactured.

Oil processing industries: Different oils, bran oil from the oilseeds, cereals can be manufactured.

Fruits processing industries: Juice, Pickles, Jams Orange Juice, Jams & Squash, Concentrates can be manufactured.

Vegetable processing industries: Flour, Chips, Dehydrated Flakes, Dehydrated Peas, Frozen Peas, Puree, Ketchup, Sauces, Concentrate can be prepared.

Madhya Pradesh has made large strides in food processing sector and e state’s policy and regulation has made it easier for investors to do business in the state. Now the state government and existing players of food processing industries need to attract investments and state of the art technology. 

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