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Food Consultants in Salem


Known as the land of Sago, Salem is a place which has a rich yield of Tapioca that is cultivated over an area of about 82000 hectares. 70% of the population relies on agriculture and allied activities in Salem district. Major crops cultivated include paddy, cholam, mango, guava, tomato, brinjal, pepper, turmeric, coffee and betel vine.

Food processing in Salem

Fruits and Vegetable processing: Salem is famous for its F&V particularly, mangoes (Malgova variety). Various F&V like banana, sapota, onion, lady finger etc are produced offering many opportunities for their processing.

Tapioca processing: The district has high tapioca production, therefore, it’s processing into chips, noodles, papads etc is a highly profitable option. The presence of good quality raw material, cheap labor is an added advantage.

Cereals, Millets and Pulses processing: Paddy, maize, Ragi, green gram etc are principal food crops grown in the district. Creation of value-added products and by-products is a prospering scope for entrepreneurs.

Dairy processing: Salem has a milch animal population of about 3.54 lakhs with an average milk yield of 4.36 tonnes. Entrepreneurs can invest in setting up of dairy processing units here.

Coffee processing: Vast plantations of coffee are found in Yercaud hills. This opens a wide scope for investment as processing units can be set up to manufacture coffee powders.

Why Salem

  • Has a favorable climatic condition for cultivation and production of numerous agricultural and horticultural crops.
  • The rail network is efficient as it connects Salem to major cities in the country.
  • There is the availability of skilled and semi-skilled labor.



Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) has implemented Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) in order to help entrepreneurs to carry out their business with ease by simplifying the registration process. The new system eradicates the filing of Entrepreneur’s Memorandum Part I & II, making the registration user-friendly.


Potential for new MSMEs

Project NameProcess-able productsValue proposition
Modern Rice MillsRice kernels, Rice flour, Broken riceDemand for rice is expected to reach 100 million tonnes. Rice is a major crop of Salem
Sago ClusterWet Sago starch, Sago flourBy 2021, CAGR of global tapioca market will grow by 3%
Turmeric processingTurmeric powderSalem is one of the major processing cluster for turmeric
Milk and egg processingEggs, milk, milk productsThe state produces 7244 and 0.16 million tonnes of milk and egg respectively. Salem is major production cluster


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