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Food Consultants in Surat

Surat, one of the major cities of Gujarat is a place where Agriculture and Animal husbandry are the predominant economic activities of the district. Wheat, maize, Bengal gram, green gram, mango, sapota, sugarcane, groundnut, fennel, cumin etc are major crops grown in the district. Also, poultry processing is witnessing a steady growth in Surat. There are 453 agro-based industrial units in the district.


Major Food processing strength

Fruits & vegetable processing: Surat ranks 1st in papaya and 2nd in banana production in Gujarat with 15.24% share of total fruits production in the state. Also, the district is the largest producer of ladies finger with a share of 19% of total production in the state. Entrepreneurs have very good scope for establishment of new F&V processing industry in the district.

Spice processing: As a leading producer of turmeric, ginger and chilly, Surat contributes 10.39% to the total production of spices in Gujarat offering tremendous scope for their processing.

Dairy processing: Dairy processing is the major activity in Surat and the rest of the state. With 51 dairy plants in the state, milk processing is a lucrative business for entrepreneurs.

Cereals & pulse processing: With 3,27,296 hectare of cultivable land in the district, various crops like bajra, wheat, rice, tur dal, urad dal etc are cultivated and produced here. Cereal and pulse processing is increasing to create convenient by-products.

Why Surat?

  • It has abundant natural resources as well as skilled human resources.
  • Surat is the 2nd largest commercial hub of Gujarat.
  • It has a well-developed infrastructure for sale of agro based food products.
  • The district offers many opportunities for new entrants to set up food processing units




The Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) provides assistance to new as well as existing entrepreneurs in procuring industrial lands, getting infrastructural facilities, helping in financial arrangements from banks etc. The district has Gujarat agro infrastructure Mega Food Park private limited and a cold chain (Vimal Dairy Pvt. Ltd) providing processing and infrastructure facilities for investors keen on setting up food processing units.


Potential Investable Projects


Project nameProcess-able productsValue proposition
Fish processingCanned fishThe market for processed fish is rapidly growing due to rising demand
Dehydration of fruits and vegetablesSliced /pulverized & dehydrated F&VRise in disposable incomes has led to an increase in the market for dehydrated F&V
Starch processingStarch, glucose, by productsThere is increased need for Starch in ready-to-eat products
Malt manufacturingMalt from barleyBarley is a major crop grown in Surat district

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