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Being an agrarian district, Tiruchirappalli district in central Tamil Nadu is a region known for the cultivation and growth of major crops like Sugarcane, Banana, Coconut, Rice, Groundnut, and Corn. About 2, 06,578 hectares of the land account for the total net sown area in the district and the crops are predominantly irrigated by a river, Kaveri.


Food processing in Trichy

  1. Cashew and Honey processing: Besides fuelwood, Honey and Cashew are the main forest produce, offering opportunities for their processing.
  2. Rice milling: Several areas in Trichy are prospective places for setting up of Rice mills as rice is a major crop here.
  3. Mushroom processing: Mushroom Cultivation and processing in Trichy is a promising choice for entrepreneurs as benefits can be availed under NMFP (National Mission on Food Processing) scheme.
  4. Fruits & vegetable processing: A fruits & vegetables processing unit can be set up as several F&V like mango, banana, tapioca, tomato etc are produced here which can be processed into jams, pickles and other value-added foods.



Why Trichy?

Trichy has approximately 23% of the population engaged in agriculture with 1130 agro-based units. The district has good connectivity by rail, road, and air to other industrial areas. Trichy has support from several organizations like DIC, DRDA & SISI that provide help to prospective as well as existing entrepreneurs in micro, small, medium and village industrial sectors.

Initiatives by the Government

District Food Processing Mission has been formed under the NMFP scheme for improvement and enhancement of Food processing industries in Trichy. The scheme provides subsidies to entrepreneurs up to Rs 50 lakh, gives financial assistance and provides infrastructure facilities etc.


Potential and viable projects

Region Project Process-able productsValue
ANDHANALLURBread & bakery items, Modern Rice Mill, Oil Mill.Cookies, cakes, rice flakes, bran oilCereal & Bakery products demand is growing worldwide
LALGUDIRice Mill, Oil Mill, Packaged Drinking waterRice starch, brewers Rice, coconut oil, groundnut oilRice , coconut, groundnut are principal crops in Trichy having round the year requirement in the country
THATHAINGARPETTAIFlour Mill, Oil Extraction, Mfg. Masala Powder, Pickle, JamEssential oils, cumin powder India is a leading producer of spices, fruits and vegetables
UPPILIYAPURAMCashew Processing, rice mill, Oil Mill, Masala powder.Salted cashew, cashew pasteCashew demand has gone up by 53% in recent years

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