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Food Consultants in Vizag

Vizag, popularly known as Vishakhapatnam is one of the top 100 fastest growing cities across the globe. The city is also the largest and the financial capital of Andhra Pradesh. Vishakhapatnam is an important industrial location and is a main sea port of the country. The state government’s actions in developing the food processing industries in Vishakhapatnam are in full swing. The agro-climatic conditions, soil types, agricultural and horticultural crops offered in and around the region attract industry people from all over the country. A place brimming with opportunities and resources, Vizag is the destination for passionate entrepreneurs who are ready to invest in a food business.

Agricultural and horticultural crops produced in Vizag

Vishakhapatnam is most famously known as ‘The Jewel of the East Coast’. Vizag has a rich biodiversity and is an ideal area for growth of many crops like Apple, Strawberry, Grapes, Pepper, Basmati rice, organic Coffee including many others. Owing to the exceptional soil conditions, growth of several other crops like Brussel sprouts, Peach, Avocado and Cocoa is being promoted. Vizag is also home to a rich flora, covering almost 1/3rd of the area with forests. Nearly 70% of the households take to agricultural practices. The rural areas in Vishakhapatnam cultivate their staple food crop Paddy and also Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, cash crops like Sugarcane, Groundnut and Chilies. Land occupancy by paddy crop is over 1.18 lakh hectares, having a production of 4,200 kg per hectare. Fish and marine production is also evident as there are about 60 fishery villages with 13, 000 fishermen.

Blooming Agro and food processing sector

The spur in the growth of food industries in Vizag has been remarkable. The government is keen in creating employment opportunities for the youth and helping the farmers in a big way by starting 16 food processing units in the north Andhra region. Industries and organizations are eyeing to expand their business in this region. Apex Encon Projects Pvt.Ltd. has set a cold storage and a food processing unit near Vizag investing Rs 200 million. Vishakhapatnam being the epicenter for industrial growth is setting the platform for future growth and investments in this sector. The food processing sector of Andhra Pradesh is going to witness the establishment of 8 mega food parks, 5 mini food parks, 6 cold chain projects and 4 primary processing centers in the state. The mega food parks expect 3, 000 crore investments in the state. Srinivasa Hatcheries is geared up to set up a mega food park processing egg, meat and horticultural products in the Vishakhapatnam district.

Key Initiatives: The state is aiming to develop commodity –based clusters and encourage innovation, research and development in the agribusiness and food processing industry. The major area of focus is to improve capacity and competency of the food industry.

Food and Beverage industry

As the food industry sector shows consistent rise, many food companies and industries are turning to Vizag to start a food business venture in the city. With installation of food parks, there will huge scope for employment. Successful food processing companies in Vizag are Mohsin Agro Exports Pvt Ltd, Nekkanti sea foods, Harmony Foods Pvt Ltd, V One Cashew industries etc.

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