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Food Consultants in West Bengal


In food and agro processing sector West Bengal is one of the three front running states in India. Fruits, Vegetables and Cereals grow in abundance in West Bengal.  The state accounts 30% of potatoes, 27% pineapples, 12% of bananas and 16% of India’s rice production. Additionally fruits like mangoes, papayas, guava and jackfruit and vegetables like tomatoes, cauliflowers cabbage, eggplant and pumpkin are available in plenty.  Thus West Bengal in terms of agriculture is the largest producer of rice, pineapple, vegetables and fruits in the country, second largest producer of potatoes and lychees.

In the state, the main processed products in the Fruits and vegetables category are jams, jellies, pickles, sauce, canned sliced fruits and squash.

It ranks 1st in total meat production including poultry in the country. It accounts for 10% of the country’s edible oil production.  West Bengal is also one of the leading states in pisiculture as fish is an important item in the Bengali Cuisine.  The state has been awarded the 1st Prize for 8 consecutive years for its achievements in the fishery sector.  It is the largest producer of fish in the country and also the largest supplier of fish and supplies nearly 80% of the crop seed demand of the country.  It is the highest producer of shrimps also.

Agro Food parks are being developed in the state with the intention of providing support to small & medium entrepreneurs by assisting them financially in setting up capital intensive facilities like cold storages, warehouses, quality control labs, effluent treatment plants etc.

Possible food industries in West Bengal:

IndustryProductsBy products
DairyCheese, ghee, ice cream, butterCheese, ghee, ice cream, butter
MeatFrozen meat, sausages, ham, baconProtein extraction from Bones, blood
FishCanned fish, frozen fish, fish cakes Fish oil
CerealFlour, extruded products, biscuitsCattle feed
PineappleJuice, cordial, jam, jelly, powderCattle feed

Why West Bengal?

Food processing industry can flourish in West Bengal due to various factors.

  • Vast availability of agro raw material resources.
  • The climate of West Bengal is suitable for the plantation of various citrus fruits.
  • Situated near river Ganga there is abundant supply of water & fertile alluvial soil.
  • Low cost skilled labour is readily available in the state.
  • Location is perfect for large domestic markets & easy access to markets of Asia Pacific.

Thus West Bengal needs business entrepreneurs to come from outside & invest in this sector.


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