Health drinks have turned out to be a universal beverage consumed by modern day health-conscious consumers. Various health drinks are available in the market in various forms and with a variety of contents. An emerging entrepreneur who has newly ventured into the scenario of food business planned to kick-start his business by launching the Poland based health drink, Gold Fogg, which was unconventional and of a new kind, into the Indian market. But the product was comparatively costlier than the existing products. The benefits rendered by the product justified the cost of the product. The client had various obstacles in placing the product in a comfortable zone so as to reach a large group of targeted consumers.


The key complications in the process were

  1. Reaching out to the target group of consumers in India
  2. Creating a unique and stand-out identity for the product
  3. Packaging concepts



Though a plethora of health drinks are available in the market, “Gold Fogg” was unique in several ways. Though cost seemed to be comparatively high, the goodness of its contents can prove to be worthy of every penny. Being a very popular drink in Poland, all it needed was a big revelation of its goodness to the consumers in India, in an attractive way. We, at Food Buddies, decided to develop branding strategies according to the target group, appropriately and efficiently.



Our branding strategies with unique product design helped the product gain a stand-out identity despite the existing cluster of competitors and attracted a large sector of the consumers. The product launch in India witnessed huge response from the people. The product owns a great set of enthusiasts in the market and this provides the testimony for its long visibility in the market in the years to come.



Through our dexterity in developing marketing strategies, various start-ups have achieved great accolades and our efficacy is evident from the success of Gold Fogg. Our erudite team of professionals accept challenges and deliver with perfection and are always a cut above the ordinary. Innovative and genuine products deserve a red carpet welcome to the stores and a gratified run for a long time. We help you deserve those.


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