Savoury Bars – Meat Based

Savoury Bars – Meat Based Concept 1
  1. Has to be developed as per Indian Taste buds.
  2. Only chicken will be preferred for commercial sale
  3. Flavours – Tandoori
    1. Tikka
    2. piri piri
    3. chilli chicken
    4. Manchurian
    5. lemon chicken
    6. Chettinadu

Product Variants –Veg or Fruit Based

Veg or fruit based Variants

Product Variants –Vegan Macrobiotic Meal

Vegan Macrobiotic Meal
  • We can replace vegan by including fish in the macrobiotic diet bar.
  • But fish flavour is strong, so not recommended.


Comparison Product
  • Meat based or vegetable based – USP
  • Macrobiotic diet – USP
  • No competitor in the Indian Market
  • Perfect Meal Replacer
  • Oats, Granola based – blunt taste – Indian market uptake is less
  • Let’s combine
    1. Meat/Vegetable + Granola, healthy seeds (Chia seeds, flaxseeds,pumpkin seeds n many more) and Even Fruits can be added. More healthier and more tastier
    2. Macrobiotic – Combination of healthy food options

Vegetable Chips

Vegetable Chips Product
  • Seasonings Has to be developed as per Indian Taste buds.
  • RM has to be selected as per the
  • Indian vegetable market Air Dried
Vegetables From Roots
Concept based on Roots mixed in a packet
–Vegetables from Roots !!

Vegetable Packed
  • Patch signifying the shape (piece of the crisp)
  • Only single vegetable packed in each packets
  • Baked

Fruit Crisps

Fruit Crisps Product

Lentil/Hummus/Brown Rice Chips

Brown rice Chips Products

Vegetable Sticks-Lentil Sticks

Vegetable sticks-Lentil Sticks Product

Quinoa Sticks/ Sweet Potato/Veggi Sticks

Veggi Sticks

Brown Rice Rings / Crisp / Crackers

Brown Rice rings product

Few More Ideas

More Product ideas


  • Vegetable chips and sticks will be more in demand in the market
  • Brown rice or quinoa – blunt taste, so proper seasoning or we need a unique seasoned base formulation to make it adaptable to our taste buds.
  • Quinoa and lentil sticks – extrusion technology (going well in snack industry)

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