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Complement cereal as a source of protein and minerals (contributes to nutrition goal). Cereals and pulses provide bioactive compounds (health benefits in the form of reducing risk to some chronic diseases). Cereals and pulses provide a rich source of fibre and a ‘health food ‘ to combat growing public health concerns associated with an urban life-style (obesity and over-nutrition)

Products We Developed


Breakfast Cereals

Health Mix

RTE Chapati

Turnkey Projects

We develop technologies that help cereals and pulses related product manufacturers to produce highly nutritious food. Since there is huge demand for new and convenience products from cereals and pulses, we provide consultation on development of the wide range of products including

  • Storage of grains
  • Milling of grains
  • Breakfast cereal bars
  • Cereal based weaning foods
  • Cereal health drink
  • Health breakfast from Cereals and pulses
  • Whole cereals bread
  • RTE – sambar, gravies
  • Masalas
  • Veg – sambar, rasam ,vathakuzmbu, moorkuzambu, variety rice, biriyani, paneer masala, chenna masala, chat masala
  • Non – veg -chicken &mutton masala, fish curry, kitchen king masala, chicken 65, biriyani masala
  • Flakes of maize, wheat, corn
  • Value-added products from oats
  • Health drinks
  • Sprouting grain technology
  • Diabetic rice
  • Low Glycemic Index products
  • Meal replacement
  • RTE Mixes – gulab jamun, murruku, dosa, idly, idiyappam, puttu, bonda mix, sabji mix, curry mix
  • RTE Lunch packs
  • Ready to eat chapatis, pooris, parathas, and naan
  • Sweets and savouries
  • Vermicelli, pasta, noodles
  • Corn snacks
  • Wheat Flakes
  • Food for diabetics/ sugar-free food
  • Grain milling
  • Energy Mix
  • Health Mix
  • Low Carb Foods
  • RTE Chapaties
  • Sugar Free Foods
  • Nutibar

Value addition in Grain By Products

Food wastes or by-products are produced in the large amount in the food industries, annually around the world. The large amount of food wastes and it’s microbial decomposition may cause adverse effect on the environment and human health and large cost involved in the waste treatment is an additional charge on the food manufacturer. Efficient use of by-products greatly influence of the economy of the country and environmental pollution.

There are potentially valuable components present in foods wastes and by-products such as polysaccharides, proteins, fats, fibres, flavour compounds, phytochemicals and bioactive compounds beneficial to health. Fruit and vegetable, marine, meat and dairy by-products can be used as raw materials to obtain value added ingredients for the functional foods markets. Here are few of the examples listed, demonstrating how by products can be utilized efficiently.


Grain Processing Industry

  • Rice bran, a by product in rice processing industry, is rich in antioxidant compounds like polyphenols, vitamin E, tocotrienols and carotenoids that help prevent the oxidative damage to DNA and other body tissues. It is often used to enrich breads and breakfast cereals.
  • Fermented wheat bran is used to prepare bors soup.
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