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The main objective of fruit and vegetable processing industry is to supply wholesome, safe, nutritive and acceptable food to the consumers throughout the year. Advanced planning is imperative to process large range of products across different weather conditions and each plan requires a special set of manufacturing and packaging formulae. A well planned fruit and vegetable processing unit must be designed to operate for as many months of the year as possible.

Turnkey Projects

We provide real-time technology for fruits and vegetables processing. India ranks no.1 in vegetable production and No. 2 in fruit production, but processes only 3 to 4% of the produce. Increasing demands of fruits and vegetables and non-availability of fruits and vegetables during off season makes it mandatory to process fruits and vegetables. We also develop Standard Operating Procedures of the process to maintain high standards of delivery round the year.

  • Exports of fruits and vegetables as per import country standards
  • Export oriented unit – fruits and vegetable processing
  • Frozen fruits and vegetables – IQF
  • Minimally processed fruits and vegetables / cut fruits and vegetables
  • Packing standards of fruits and vegetables
  • Increasing the shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Dehydration of fruits and vegetables
  • Retailing of fruits and vegetables
  • Cold storage for fruits and vegetables
  • Post-harvest treatment for fruits and vegetables
  • Setting up of fruit and vegetable processing unit
  • Health drinks
  • Jam, squashes, marmalade
  • Pickles
  • Concentrates
  • Sauces, Salsa
  • Fruit bars
  • Pulp
  • RTS – Juices
  • Drinks – mango, guava, papaya
  • Natural flavour extraction
  • RTE Vegetable curries, gravies, thokku, paste, base gravies
  • Chutney powders
  • Value added products from green leaf
  • Instant fruit juice powders
  • Snacks

We develop product, technology and recipes individually as per the client request.

Value addition in Fruit & Vegetable By Products

Food wastes or by-products are produced in the large amount in the food industries, annually around the world. The large amount of food wastes and it’s microbial decomposition may cause adverse effect on the environment and human health and large cost involved in the waste treatment is an additional charge on the food manufacturer. Efficient use of by-products greatly influence of the economy of the country and environmental pollution.

There are potentially valuable components present in foods wastes and by-products such as polysaccharides, proteins, fats, fibres, flavour compounds, phytochemicals and bioactive compounds beneficial to health. Fruit and vegetable, marine, meat and dairy by-products can be used as raw materials to obtain value added ingredients for the functional foods markets. Here are few of the examples listed, demonstrating how by products can be utilized efficiently.

Fruit and Vegetable Industry

  • Pomegranate peels and seeds, a by-product of pomegranate juice and concentrate industries, present a wide range of the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical properties.
  • Apple pomace is a waste or by-product biomass generated after apple fruit processing. It is an important starting material for pectin extraction. Phlorizin, the most abundant phenolic compound in the apple pomace extracts, and that is the basic structure of a new class of oral antidiabetic drugs.
  • Orange pomace is mainly rich in fibres with applications suited to products requiring improved water/oil holding and binding properties. It has a valuable nutritional composition: high dietary fibre content, low fat content and a high mineral content.
  • Starfruit (Averrhoacarambola L.) is a good source of natural antioxidants and that poly-phenolics are its major antioxidants. The residue of star fruit, which is regularly disposed while preparing juice drink, is found to contain much higher antioxidant activity than the extracted juice.
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