Primarily, we work as a team of food consultants helping and nurturing budding food processing entrepreneurs realize their dreams in the industry. Our core services are in the product and process development for the food industry ranging from prototype product development to product shelve placement. We have also been instrumental in delivering services from the idea ignition phase to mobilizing the product in the market phase of our clients. Food buddies has been able to realize success for a range of businesses from start-ups to large corporates. Our constant innovation and a keen eye for detail combined with industry expertise has resulted, time and again, in rendering turn-key services to all our clients who approach us with different objectives and motives.
Meat, Poultry and Marine Technology

India is set to become the world’s largest meat exporter and the demands for meat products are very high. For processed meat and poultry industry in India, the focal areas are hygiene, quality and food safety. Increasing needs for HALAL certified foods and proliferating MNC fast food restaurant chains brought a drastic change in meat and poultry industry.

Our team of experts works on design, development, and implementation of meat-based products. We focus actively on value addition of meat products using spices and condiments that improves taste and shelf life of the product.


Our Services

  • GMP/GHP for meat industries
  • Calibrate manufacturing process
  • Process development of meat products – chicken, mutton and emu
  • Diet meat – 99% fat-free meat
  • Value addition of meat- biryani mix, meat 65 mix, kheema balls, burger patties

Value addition in Marine By Products

Food wastes or by-products are produced in the large amount in the food industries, annually around the world. The large amount of food wastes and it’s microbial decomposition may cause adverse effect on the environment and human health and large cost involved in the waste treatment is an additional charge on the food manufacturer. Efficient use of by-products greatly influence of the economy of the country and environmental pollution. There are potentially valuable components present in foods wastes and by-products such as polysaccharides, proteins, fats, fibres, flavour compounds, phytochemicals and bioactive compounds beneficial to health. Fruit and vegetable, marine, meat and dairy by-products can be used as raw materials to obtain value added ingredients for the functional foods markets. Here are few of the examples listed, demonstrating how by products can be utilized efficiently.

Marine Industry

  • Seafood’s and their by-products are a great wellspring of nutraceuticals and bioactives, and these can be extracted/isolated and added to a range of nourishments subsequently upgrading usefulness of the foods in terms of human health.
  • The fish pepsin can be used as a rennet substitute in cheese production.
  • Astaxanthin, the chromophore of shrimp shells, can be extracted and used as an antioxident.
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