Multi Millet Processing

Soaking & Cooking of Millet grains are Popular Processing Technique. Food Buddies – Your Food Technology Partner Share Detailed View on Multi Millet Processing.

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Food Drying Technology

The Oldest & Commonly Used Food Preservative Method is Food Drying Technology. While Comparing with Other Methods Drying Food is Quite Simple. Process Explained by Your Food Technology Partner in Detail.

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Food Sterilization

Food Sterilization by Food Buddies. We at Food Buddies undergo the complete destruction or elimination of all viable organisms in/on an object being sterilized.

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Canning Process in Food Preservation

“Don’t confuse a pressure canner with a pressure cooker, which is used to cook food quickly. A pressure cooker does not have adequate room for both the canning jars and the water needed to create the right amount of pressure to preserve foods.” What is canning?...

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Ready-To-Eat Soup Processing

We at Food Buddies Processing a Soup Production that is Ready-to-Eat-Soup Which is Growing Rapidly in Recent Years. Freeze drying is applied in the manufacturing process of instant soup.

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Gherkins Processing

Gherkins Processing. The gherkin’s shelf life can be extended by pasteurizing in glass or cans. The gherkin has no flavour from itself and has to be flavoured.

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