Fruit Pulp Processing

In the food processing industry, fruit pulp is often used as an ingredient in the manufacturing of fruit jams, jellies, nectars, puddings, baby food products and dairy beverages.

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Market Potential of RTE Gravy

Market Potential of RTE Gravy. Modified starches, gelatin and gums such as carragheenin extract have been some of the ingredients used as thickening agents in the preparation of RTE gravy mixes.

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Ginger Garlic Paste Processing

Food Manufacturing Companies have forayed into the Cooking Paste Segment, with the aim to provide a pure & aromatic convenience to numerous households making various cuisines.

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High Pressure Processing in Food Industry

Increasingly health-conscious consumers are demanding better food quality such as Improved Food Safety, Nutritional Value, Freshness, and Flavors. Traditional Thermal Pasteurization Technology is known to have Negative Effects on Sensory Characteristics, Flavors, and Nutritional Contents of Food.

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Curd Processing

Innovation & value addition to curd and related fermented milk products will provide ample opportunities to FMCGs & food cooperatives for increasing their product portfolio.

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Vitamin Drink

Consuming healthy vitamin drinks is a good way to get your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals.

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Snack Bar Manufacturing

The Snack Bars Manufacturers are Introducing the Health Aspect into their Products by Enriching the End Product with Protein, Fiber and Vitamins and Minerals. These Bars are also known to Consumers as Nutritional Bars, Meal-replacement Bars or Protein Bars.

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UV Surface Treatment

Food Business Operators (FBOs) can use UV treatment to disinfect Packaging Material. Disinfection of packaging material will help to ensure that safe food is served to the consumers.

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