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As you are aware, an exhibition is being organized under the banner “National Natural Food Festival” by the National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune on 17th and 18th Feb at peoples plaza , necklace road , Hyderabad.This exhibition will be showcasing several organizations that are intensively working in promoting healthy food products which are traditional and indigenous in nature.
Prakruthi Vanam is putting up a stall for this purpose at the exhibition which will be promoted along with healthy foods such as millets, natural jaggery, cold pressed cocking oils, cosmetics made of natural ingredients. We are also educating various section of people on rainwater for drinking with the addition of natural minerals and making it alkaline by passing through natural limestone, river sand , charcoal, pot pieces and pebbles in a certain ratio.
We will be also exhibiting different hand weaved cotton fabric and kurthas, shirts and slim fits made from fine malkha cotton and few other cotton and Lenin mix wear.
For making India a real swatch Bharath, we at prakruthivanam are following a technique by Dr.Cho Han Kyu of South Korea, where any bio-degradable organic matter including kitchen waste will be converted into fine and well-decomposed manure in 40 days right inside every home.
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The original invite message sent by the organizing commit is attached here under Greetings from National Institute of Naturopathy, Pune.

NIN as a part of its activities is organizing “NATIONAL NATURAL FOOD FESTIVAL (NNFF) – 2018” at People’s plaza, Necklace Road, Hyderabad, 17th & 18th February 2018.

This year’s theme for NNFF is “Natural Foods”. According to Naturopathy, Food is medicine. With a commitment to popularize this concept, NIN is organizing ‘food festival’ at national level every year. Food is Vital. It is our strength and weakness at the same time. How to choose food which is nutritious, tasty, healthy and sustainable before it is consumed is a big question.

Our lifestyle and food choices play an important role in maintaining our health. Locally grown food substances will address many of the factors related to health and disease such as environmental factors, social factors which in turn provides sustenance to the farmers.

The National Natural Food Festival (NNFF) looks into all these aspects and also showcases various foods available in different regions of the country and also provides regional/local/traditional/food preparation. It is our pleasure to invite you to participate and exhibit natural healthy food items in this event
By: prasad mcv from prakruthivanam

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