Client Understanding

  • Concept :- Potential Dairy Concepts
  • Market : Indian market
  • Quality : Indian standards
  • Type: Own Food Factory
  • Target Customer : Any
  • Location –
  • Investment –
  • Capacity – Yet to finalize


Novel Dairy Product - Food Buddies

Concept 1 – Frozen Greek yogurt bars

Main ingredients include milk, greek yogurt, cream, sugar

Frozen Greek Yogurt

Concept 2 – Five Protein Blend Beverage

Protein sources include: milk protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, pea protein isolate, whole grain brown rice protein concentrate and quinoa flour

Protein Blend


Concept 3 – Dairy Based Coffee Creamer

Can be used to create a latte style coffee drink at home

Dairy Coffee Creamer

Concept 4 – Whey Protein Infused Water

Made with whey protein isolate

Protein Infused Water

Concept 5 – Yogurt Based Mayo Spread

Refrigerated yogurt based spreads made with clean ingredients such as milk, water, corn starch, cane sugar.

Yogurt Mayo Spread

Concept 6 – Yogurt in Pouch

Whole milk yogurt pouches in various flavours

Yogurt Pouch

Concept 7 – Aloe Vera Based yogurt

Made with Aloe Vera pieces, milk, sugar and protein concentrate

Aloe Vera Yogurt

Concept 8 – Yogurt

  • Flavored yogurt drinks
  • Yogurts paired with toppings like muesli, crunchy granolas, roasted nuts & dark chocolate
  • Low Fat, non-greek Yogurt
  • Greek Yogurt


Concept 9 – Snack Cheeses

  • Cheese Bars- Can be made available in various varieties- Gouda, Havarti and Cheddar
  • Flavored Cheese cubes- sold in individual pouches
  • Flavored cheese cups- a low fat, low calorie cultured soft cheese blended with fruit in single serve cups
  • Finely crumbled soft cheese- packed in a shakable glass jar, can be used on burgers, pasta and salads

Cheeses Snack

  • Cottage Cheese cups with fruit and nut toppings- packed in single serve containers
  • Flavored curd cottage cheese- slow cooked cottage cheese that has a creamy, fine curd texture and features fruit on the bottom


Concept 10 – RTD Flavored Milk

  • RTD Milk – Low-fat , High Protein
  • Can be packed in Tetra packs, PET bottles
  • Can be made available in various flavors such as blueberry, banana, vanilla, chocolate, etc

Flavored Milk

Concept 11 – Ice Creams

Rice dough covered ice-cream

  • Marketed as portable, sweet snacks
  • Can be made available in various flavors

Ice Creams

Tea Infused Ice-Creams

  • Infused with fresh brewed loose leaf and herbal teas
  • Can be made in different flavors- green tea, ginger tea, masala chai & lavender blueberry

Tea Infused

High Protein, Low Sugar Ice-Cream

  • Low calories, low sugar and high protein ice cream
  • Can be made with different flavors such as caramel, banana, chocolate, orange, raspberry, etc.

High Protein Ice Creams


Concept 12 – Butter Spread

  • Flavored butter spread
  • Can be made with brown sugar
  • Can be made with different flavors


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